Country Cottage

I’ve just had the BEST 4 days away in a lovely little cottage in the countryside with five amazing girls.

I don’t get to see my friends in a group much as we all have separate stuff going on in our lives and different priorities. It’s a little sad really if I think about it too much, ‘cos we always used to do things together growing up, but life happens I guess!

So, because of that, we all decided to book a long weekend and drive a couple of hours into the countryside and headed to ‘The Old Barn’ in North Yorkshire.


The Old Barn in Ripon

We got to the barn on Friday afternoon. After a giddy group cuddle and after jumping around the living room in excitement, we picked our rooms, unpacked our food and cracked open the prosecco. 

It was a lovely first evening and we had a scrummy curry to eat with naan, poppadoms – the works!


Chicken balti with all the trimmings!

Saturday morning, we rose out of bed a little groggy after an excitable first evening with red wine and gin being invited to crank up the party.

After inhaling our bacon and eggs, we hit the road and headed to Harrogate for one of Betty’s famous scones! They did not disappoint! Clotted cream…jam…tea….ahhhh *wipes drool from mouth* Absolutely phenomenal!


The girls and I before we created a cake shaped baby in our tummies

After mooching around Harrogate and indulging in some retail therapy, we drove back to Ripon and explored the village where our cottage sat.

Aside from being bullied by a small house cat that jumped on my car and pooed on my roof (long…yet hilarious story) we ventured into St. Peter and St. Wilfred’s Cathedral.





Gorgeous, right? 

We were worn out by this time and so we decided it was time to open more gin (of course) and give the hot tub a tester.



Sitting in the hot tub with my three besties - Liz, Mary-Kate and gin.


Sunday soon rolled around and after another batch of bacon and eggs, we decided to go for another wander and headed towards Pateley Bridge (in the rain) for a little country walk…that ended up not being so little.

I didn’t have my walking boots (rookie mistake) and didn’t anticipate the muddy-ness, so I had to improvise….


ASDA's make-shift shoe protectors weren't very good...

We walked and walked and walked, climbed over fallen trees and across wire fences to get back to civilisation and then, before we knew it, we were back at the cottage with none other than….a gin. You guessed it.

Usual Sunday traditions didn’t go amiss though and we basted a chicken, chopped some veggies and had ourselves the tastiest roast dinner ever before having another (final) dip in the hot tub!


Roast dinner fit for Royalty!

So, the final night soon passed and it was time for us to get up, pack up and leave. We weren’t ready for our girly trip to be over though, so we decided to nip to York, 45 minutes away, for a mooch around before heading home.

York is gorgeous – if you’ve never been, make sure it’s on your list of ‘go to’ places. So much character and lots of things to do.

We went to York Minster, ate egg butties by the river and spent time in the oldest street in York…while buying more treats for ourselves in between.


York Minster



'Shambles', the oldest street in York

Well, there you have it. My lovely little trip with my lovely little friends.

Let me know where you’ve been recently!

Love, Tasha x


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