Just ‘Rome’ing Part 2

Yep…you guessed it! It’s time for another little dose of Europe!

I’ve already told you about the gorgeous Rome views and the crunk fun we had in my last post, so as you can imagine, the next day we were pretty tender and didnt get up until late the next morning.

The weather was also less than desireable …but do you really think we would let that stop us?

In defiance of the rain and clouds, we stormed over to an information shop, boughy a snazzy (and ever so touristy) plastic poncho and defied the odds by hopping onto an open top bus tour. Yes…Open. Top. Bus. Tour.

People thought we were mad as we were the only people on the top deck – eugh Brits, eh?


No...I am not joking!

Don’t you just LOVE how St. Peter’s Cathedral is casually photobombing us here? Perfect.

We saw a load of great stuff on the bus…not that I remember it all as I was too busy laughing at one of my friends who was still vomming up the night before into a bucket we found rolling about. Classy aren’t we? Somehow, I don’t think she’d appreciate me posting a photo…

So, after belly laughing at our situation, crying in fear about how LOONY the Italian drive (they’re literally crazy on the road) and realising that our plastic ponchos weren’t exactly waterproof – we hopped off and strolled over to our first well known landmark. The Collesseum.

It’s so pretty yet so intriguing because I’ve never seen anything like it. Inside, there’s lots of information posters telling you what happened all that time ago. As I’m no historian, I didn’t know much before I visited Rome, but after reading up on the Collesseum, I’m so proud to say I’ve been there.

The amount of people and animals that died there, who were forced to fight for fun and entertainment – it’s overwhelming and really quite disturbing.



Guess we shouldn't be smiling...

After our visit, we had a scrummy liquer coffee to warm up our insides before building up the courage to wander home …in the rain of course. We had a beautiful view of the Collesseum through the window and was a perfect way to end our second day.

No crazy stories from this night I’m afraid – we were all a bit too hungover to party ’till the early hours!

Stay tuned for Part 3…the third day was my FAVOURITE!

Love, Tasha x


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