Check Out The Gingham!

It might be raining outside, but believe it or not, this morning I woke up feeling surprisingly Spring-y. With my Rome adventure a short 4 weeks away, I’m sat on the edge of my seat awaiting an appropriate time to whack out the plastic and pounce on all the new Spring lines. The appropriate time? Always. The realistic time? Payday *hurry hurry*.

Life would be so much easier if we could swap chocolate for clothes.

So, while I impatiently wait for my monthly allowance, I’ve been screen shopping. It’s a bit like window shopping but the 21st Century version.

After looking at the Elle NYFW Spring Trends, I’ve realised that Gangham Gingham style really is going to be sultry this Spring.

Boasting Michael Kors and Oscar de la Renta, the Elle favourites are some we lowly ordinary people can only dream of. So, scroll on down to find wearable, recyclable and most importantly, affordable alternatives for us ordinary folk.




In love with this dress. Perfect for a Spring lunch or a day in the office.







Also drooling over these joggers. They look so comfortable yet cool and stylish. Teamed with a white cami and a nice pair of flats/sandals. Simple yet sassy.

Fabulous alternatives to transform your Winter wardrobe to Spring.

What are your faves?

Love, Tasha x


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