Sly Siblings V2 – Help A Sister Out!

So, as you all know, yesterday I tried to out-do my sister’s sly ways by padlocking my bedroom door.

(If you missed it, flick back here)

The incessant stealing and butchering of my clothes is becoming excrutiatingly frustrating – so i decided to take action.

There I was, sitting at work feeling all smug – how could she possibly get in? My stuff is finally safe. I’d come home and my room would be as I left it, wardrobe, shoe rack, jewellery stand and perfume collection in tact.

How wrong I was.

It came to only lunchtime and she sent me this:

She captioned it with:

‘Sis, I wish you’d stop wasting your money on these padlocks.’

*Cue steam from ears*

Obviously, with me being at work and her being at home about to go back to uni, there was literally nothing I could do. I’m yet to see what stuff she’#s stolen – although she promises she hasnt and this was just to prove she has access no matter what I do.

I probably only 30% believe her.

I’m genuinely feeling so down about this girls! I’ve exhausted every plot I can think of. She treats my bedroom as her own free of charge personal shopping space and I cant deal with it anymore.

I spend a lot of money on my clothes, shoes and makeup because I work hard to afford them. I need advice!

Fellow clothes lovers, help a sister out.

Any ideas?

Love, Tasha


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