Colourful Cocktails!

It might be Wednesday, but I’m still going to rave about my Cocktail Sunday session in Manchester a few days ago!

I like Manchester – don’t love it though as I’m more of a Liverpool fanatic when it comes to city bias. However, because I work in Manchester, I’m there every day so I don’t think I’ve given it a fair go.
So, a group of us went drinking on Sunday and although we went to a load of different places, I wanted to share my favourite 2 with you.

Manchester Oast House:


What a place! I loved it here because it was a taste of something different. The fairy lights outside made it stand out and its shape made it look like some sort of pop up bar, a limited edition if you will. So we had to go in.

I couldn’t manage to take any decent photos of the inside as it was pretty busy, but it was gorgeous. Everything was wooden, which made it super cosy, especially considering it was freezing outside (#FebruaryProbs).

We sat on a long table with our variety of drinks, wondering how we had never been there before! That’s the thing about Manchester, everything is spread out, if you’re not familiar with its ins and outs, you’re going to miss some fantastic spots that are in completely different leagues to the mainstream bars on Deansgate and in the Printworks *snore*.

Another place I loved was…

The Alchemist:

Granted, this place is pretty mainstream for Manchester, everybody goes when they’re on a night out but although mainstream in that sense, it offers something a little different.

It’s like the best chemistry lesson EVER! There’s smoke, steam, colour changing and fire – what more could you ask for?!

I had the Colour Changing one:.


I cant even explain what happens with this drink – there’s just a whole load of smoke and interesting colours to amaze you!

Pour the purple liquid on first, then the yellow…


And tah-dah!!!


(Mind my boyfriend’s builder hands)

It was so tasty aswell! Really sweet but that kind o’ matches my personality so I didn’t mind……yeah, I really said that.

Next, I shared a Mad Hatter’s Tea Party with my friend. A warm/hot cocktail that was served in tea cups. Yes, tea cups! How cute?! I loved it as it was so different to the ordinary cocktails and I felt comforted in the arctic conditions drinking a hot alcoholic drink. It was a similar feeling to Christmas when the hot cider and mulled wine come out to play.

Where do you go for you Sunday Funday?

Keep scrolling for mesmorising snaps of my cocktails that’ll make you want something just as cool near you.

Love, Tasha






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