Forever a Failure

So, I have some news.

Disappointing yet liberating news.

Saturday – I caved. I gave in. The cleanse was not working.

Please don’t judge me…

I’d lost sight of why I was even doing the cleanse and seriously wasnt enjoying it anymore.

Imagine sitting in a restaurant drinking a tap water with your friends while they eat tasty treats, realising you’ve lost no inches even though you stuck to the rules religiously and feeling cranky each time you made a meal because your body had been deprived. Sounds like a horror story and it most definitely was.

After speaking to my boyfriend, we decided to give up… Some may call that failure, but I call it realistic. I wasn’t happy doing the cleanse, I was bored of drinking fluids and eating hardly any food. I was sick of that disgusting Aloe Vera gel and being told when and what to eat. Don’t get me wrong, I really enjoyed myself at first but the novelty soon wore off and all I wanted was a generous helping of carbs.

(I can’t decide whether that’s greedy or normal….let’s go with normal)

After we ended our efforts, the first thing we did was go out for the scrummy meal we’d missed the most – INDIAN.

Yes, that completely contradicts everything we had just done but who cares?! I’m 22, 8st 5lbs and a UK size 10. What’s my problem?!

Maybe my dream summer body is meant to be a fantasy – or maybe I’m supposed to achieve it by doing what you’re supposed to. Eating healthy and exercising – I now realise there’s no such thing as a quick fix. Don’t be fooled!

Anyway – please don’t hate on me. Hail me because I didn’t let the fad fool me!

Sorry to disappoint, there’s no before and after photo to be giddy about – but here’s a snap of me really demolishing a kebab after drinking copious amounts of vodka.


Love, Tasha.



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