Cleanse 9: Day 4.

Another day down, another review pending.

Day 5 today! That means I completed another 24 hours of my 9 day detox. Virtual high 5’s all round!

Yesterday, Day 4, was difficult. Being at work usually isn’t too bad, I can distract myself from the detox by working, so my mind doesn’t usually wander…that much!

I find the diet the hardest after work, when I’m cooking my tea (or dinner – depending where you are) and after I’ve eaten it.

I feel myself getting a little cranky pretty much as soon as I get home and it’s obviously because I’m hungry and I know food is on the horizon. . .Did that make me sound like a cave woman? . . .
I try to make it as quickly as possible because i just keep thinking – the quicker I make it, the quicker I can eat it!

So, last night’s meal was; roast turkey on a bed of rocket, spinach side salad and sweet potato wedges. How does that grab you?

I must say – as tasty as it was – Day 3’s meal has been the best so far!

Although I’m allowed the same food/supplement allowance as in Day 3, I still crave some sort of sweet treat after my evening meal – I’ve always been the same. The fact there was a share size Galaxy bar in the kitchen as well, did not help my inner fat kid. However, I prevailed and resisted all temptation! After all, I’ve not been weighing my meals of an evening, so they’re probably already over the 600 calorie mark. Whoops…

However, a plus I noticed this morning: the skin on my face looks great! Brushing my teeth and bobbing away, I looked into the mirror and noticed my skin looked really healthy – that just has to be a result of the detox, don’t you think?

Have a gander at last night’s meal and please give me other healthy suggestions – I need to be more creative! 

Thanks a gazillion guys!

Love, Tasha.




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