Cleanse 9: Day 3.

I’ve been looking forward to Day 3 since Monday morning.

Day 3 of the Cleanse is where things change …definitely for the better!

First of all, you weigh yourself to see if you’ve lost anything since beginning the detox. In my case, that’s 5lbs since Monday! I’m now 8st 5lbs!

I literally couldn’t believe it, I thought the scales were playing tricks on me so I asked a colleague to confirm my counting (it was the morning, after all!)

However, even though 5lbs sounds like a great achievement – I don’t look any different and that was somewhat deflating. I mentioned it to my friends and well, I was brought back to reality when they said I couldn’t have possibly lost 5lbs of fat in 2 days. *sob sob*

But…I’m on the road and that’s the main thing. Who knows where I’ll be at Day 9?

So, what was yesterday’s allowance?

Breakfast: 1 x 120ml Aloe Vera with 250ml water, 1 x Scoop of Ultra Lite Shake with 300ml water, 2 x Garcinia tablets and 1 x Therm tablet

Snack: 1 x Fibre sachet with water

Lunch: 2 x Garcinia tablets, 1 x Therm tablet and 1 x Scoop of Ultra Lite Shake with 300ml water

Dinner: 2 x Garcinia tablets and 1 x 600 calorie meal (my haven)

Evening: 250ml water

Basically, less Aloe, one more shake and an extra 600 calorie meal.

This is my allowance right the way up to Day 9 and I couldn’t be happier to actually eat hot, substantial food!

As my boyfriend and I are doing the cleanse together, we both made our first meal and BOY did we demolish it!

Grilled salmon with chilli flakes, steamed green veg and sweet potato mash.

Is your mouth watering yet? Mine certainly is.

I don’t know whether I had a heightened sense of taste after 2 days without food but OMG I really, really enjoyed it. Tasty and filling, which was the main thing for sure. The salmon was gorgeous and moist, the sweet potato softer than a baby’s bum and the vegetables crunchy to add a bit of va va voom! 

‘Any other observations from yesterday?’ I hear you say…

Well, for some reason, I had LOADS of energy. I was more alert than a meerkat, I felt productive and was nowhere near lethargic. Even people at work noticed the difference.

All I can put it down to was the excitement for food alongside the supplements I’ve been taking finally kicking in!

Overall, yesterday was a good day and I already can’t wait for tonight’s meal!

Not sure whether I’ve had it tough? Why don’t you have peek at yesterday’s allowance and let me know your thoughts.

What would your first 600 calorie meal have been? Tell me! I’d love suggestions!

….You don’t think I’d sign off without sharing last night’s Michelin Star meal do you?  … Good. *See Below*



Love, Tasha.


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