Cleanse 9: Day 2.

I completed another day! Not only was it any other day either, I had to go the whole way through Pancake Day without food OR pancakes! I still can’t quite believe I did it. . .

This is only going to be a short post really as there wasn’t much difference to Day 1.

Yesterday,Ā  I was allowed the same supplements as Day 1 but I actually felt quite hungry.

The first day, hunger didn’t really hit me, but yesterday I really noticed my tummy rumbles and I drank SO much water to curb the hunger I literally peed more than a newborn baby.Ā 

I started craving carrot & coriander soup (no idea why) and I had a humongous whiff of Indian food when I left the office that was so appealing I nearly marched into the closest restaurant and ordered the whole menu twice over.

However, still adamant that I wasn’t going to eat until today’s 600 calorie meal allowance, I powered through my colleagues lunch smells of soup and chicken salad. However, I caved at about 7.30pm. *Cries*

I only had a handful of red grapes and and small kiwi (taken from my free food list) but it certainly helped and I’ve woken up today ready for the day ahead.

Yesterday, I also noticed that I was pretty cold in the office and buried myself for the majority of the day beneath my oversized scarf. The girls think it’s because I havent eaten any substantial food and I reckon I agree.

Aside from the cravings and the coldness though, I’ve done pretty well so far and I’m seriously looking forward to tonights meal; grilled salmon, steamed green veg and sweet potato mash. YUM!!!

I’ll share some snaps later.

Let me know what you think of my Cleanse 9 so far – do you think I’m mad? . . .’Cos I’d have to agree!

Love, Tasha.


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