Gaga about Weddings?

Can you believe it?! This could well be the most extravagant and outrageously elaborate wedding dress that America (and the rest of the world) has ever seen.

According to her Facebook page:

‘He gave me his heart on Valentine’s Day and I said yes!’


Now, before anybody says anything, I do remember yesterday’s post, Verifying Valentine’s and I am aware that today’s post may seem contradictory to some. However, an engagement is amazing any time of year and if it happens on V Day, that’s pretty cute in my opinion – slightly clichΓ© – but cute nonetheless.

Anyway, back to the juicy stuff. Lady Gaga and Taylor Kinney have been an iconic couple since 2011, so after 4 years, it’s about time Big T made an honest woman out of the Fame Monster!

I for one cannot WAIT for the wedding coverage! Imagine the dress, the flowers, the entertainment. This union will be something we have never seen before and can’t be competed with.

How do we know Lady Gaga won’t stroll down the aisle dressed as a whopping cake topper? We don’t.  That’s the beauty of it.

How do you imagine the wedding?

Let me know!

Keep scrolling for some snaps of the future Mr & Mrs Kinney.

*WARNING* Some readers may find the below photos cuter than pugs at Christmas.


Lady Gaga and Taylor Kinney finally unite in marriage






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