alt="Cleanse 9 Fitness Pack by Forever Living - LET'S DETOX!"

Cleanse 9: It’s Begun!

So, I’ve started my Cleanse 9!

The pack includes:

2 x 1 litre bottles of Aloe Vera Gel

54 x Garcinia Plus Softgels

9 x Fibre Sticks

1 x Pouch of Lite Ultra Shake Mix

18 x Therm Tablets

1 x Tape Measure

1 x Shaker

For 9 days, I have to follow strict rules to change the way I think about food and exercise.

Days 1 & 2 are designed to reset my mind and body. With no food allowance, I take a number of supplements, drink copious amounts of water and Aloe Vera and receive all the nutrients my body needs through shakes and fibre sticks.

Days 3- 9 is the main bulk of the diet where I’ll see positive results and feel a sense of well being. I’m allowed all of the same stuff as in days 1 & 2, including 1 x 600 calorie meal per day.

Inside the pack is also a booklet, outlining what I should do each day. It gives me a list of ‘free foods’ I can eat, such as fruit & veg, alongside recipes to make my shakes and 600 calorie meals much tastier.

Some may say this is a fad and a waste of money, others will love it and swear by their results. Who’s right? That’s what I’m going to figure out .

I’ve started the diet today and I’ll be giving you a day-by-day summary of how I’ve found it and how it’s made me feel. Most importantly, on the last day, I’ll share my results with you – how many inches I’ve lost (if any) alongside before and after photo’s so you can see for yourself.

What do you reckon? Think I can do it? Keep your eyes peeled for my first review later tonight…

Love, Tasha.

alt="Cleanse 9 Fitness Pack by Forever Living - LET'S DETOX!"

Cleanse 9 Fitness Pack by Forever Living – LET’S DETOX!



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