Cleanse 9: Day 1.

Day 1 of the Forever Living Cleanse 9 is nearly over. I’ve eaten NOTHING all day.

Day 1 & 2 are to reset the way you think about food and to be honest, I can see how it’s doing it.

Surprisingly, I’ve only felt hungry once all day. I was on the train home from work and my tummy rumbled so much, I’m sure it had a place on the richter scale.

Now, it’s 8.30pm and even though I don’t feel hungry, my mind wants food because subconsciously, I know I should have eaten by now. That’s what the first 2 days are for – to squash this way of thinking and re – train myself.

Breakfast: 2 x Garcinia softgels, 1 x 120ml Aloe Gel with 250ml water & 1 x Therm tablet.

Snack: 1 x Fibre sachet with water

Lunch: 2 x Garcinia softgels, 1 x 120ml Aloe Gel with 250ml water 1 x Scoop Lite Shake with 300ml unsweetened almond milk & 1 x Therm tablet

Dinner: 1 x 120ml Aloe Gel with 250ml water 2 x Garcinia softgels

Evening: 1 x 120ml Aloe Gel with 250ml water

I’ve been given a list of free fruit/veg that I can eat at any time during the 9 days, in moderation, to curb hunger. Personally, I’ve decided not to eat anything today.

The supplements and water has definitely filled the hunger hole and the first day has been much easier than I expected.

What I will say, however, is that the Aloe Gel is probably one of the most horrendous things I’ve ever drank. It smells exactly as it tastes and there’s no word for it other than vile. There’s floaty bits in the gel that are exceptionally unappealing and mixing it with water gives you a pint of horrific-ness that took me a good 40 minutes to drink first time round.

Drinking 4 of those in the first 2 days would really put me off, so I decided to change how I drank it. Instead of a full pint, I decided to shot 2 x 60ml of Aloe Gel and glug copious amounts of water afterwards to get rid of the taste.

Forever Living should definitely take into consideration the taste of their products because if I hadn’t paid so much for the kit, I’d 100% be put off and think about giving up.

After work, I went off to Tesco and bought all my ‘free’, healthy foods ready to devour in days 3 – 9. Turkey breasts, chicken breasts, salmon fillets, asparagus, sweet potato and many other scrummy foods waiting to be eaten.

So, here we are – I’ve completed Day 1 – let’s see what tomorrow has to offer!

Love, Tasha


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