Verifying Valentine’s

Hope you all had a great Valentine’s weekend.

The reason I haven’t posted this weekend isn’t because I was having an amazingly romantic treat. It was quite in fact, the opposite.

I don’t believe in Valentine’s. Yes, I’m in a loving relationship; so no, I’m not a bitter spinster tending to her multiple cats. However, notice the buzzword here – loving.

Why should we designate one day of the year to appreciate the people we apparently ‘love’? If you genuinely feel love for your other half, you’d want to make them feel special every day (as long as they’re not winding you up something chronic) instead of waiting for the 14th to roll back round.

Don’t get me wrong, the concept is lovely and romantic. Being surprised with roses, having a fancy meal or petals and candles by the bath – it all sounds like a fairytale. BUT, in reality, it’s not that simple. You’re not ‘surprised’ with the roses – you half expect them because it’s Valentine’s. Admit it.

All the #luckygirl ‘s and the snaps of candlelit snuggles in front of the sofa – it’s all for social media. A bunch of theatrics to show all your online connections what an ‘amazing relationship’ you have.

I’m not trying to take anything away from anybody – if you love V Day and everything it brings, fantastic! I wish you well, after all, everybody needs an escape from reality.

Personally, I just don’t see the point. You have one V Day, you’ve had them all.

I had my first real Valentine’s Day when I was 18 and everything I just said was true – I posted stuff online and made out everything was hunky dory and perfect. Then I grew up.

I realised that love isn’t about what you want others to think or what you want to show on social media. It’s about how you feel. It’s about the passion – not the gifts. Don’t get me wrong, I post the odd snap of me and my other half with a love heart caption if we’re out somewhere nice or something similar, but I don’t plaster it all over everybody’s newsfeeds every single day to prove I have a great relationship.

After all, the best relationships are the ones you don’t see every minute online. The ones that are, usually have something to compensate for.

Photo’s of treats or other nice things aren’t an issue for me any other time of year. Snaps of surprise flowers or fancy meals are actually warming to see – you know it’s genuinely a surprise and not forced because society and Hallmark say so.

So, interpret this as you will. Some may agree, others won’t – let me know your thoughts.

Love, Tasha.


Love is all around us. HAPPY VALENTINES


6 thoughts on “Verifying Valentine’s

  1. StyledWithJoy says:

    I totally agree. It’s a shame that you have to keep saying Don’t get me wrong after every other sentence. It’s just how you feel about the holiday. Yes the holiday is super cute. But it’s also just a normal day. I like how honest you were in this post!


    • natashalouise92 says:

      I know – I repeated myself deliberately because I really didn’t want people to think I was taking something away from them or trying to be negative. Just an opinion – everyone is entitled to them! Thanks for the feedback, I appreciate it.


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