In Love With Statements

Clothes have to be one of my biggest weaknesses.

I love looking at them, buying them, wearing them.

I love looking at what other people are wearing and how they’ve layered and put things together.

I love following fashion posts on Instagram to get inspiration and ideas.

I love statement pieces. Whether it be a big, bold lip, a special, sparkly necklace or a favourite flourescent – they’re a must have!

So much love, so little money! …But it’s not like I let that stop me! Right girls?

Today’s look was simple, yet eye catching – a lime green jumper with black skinny jeans and a gorgeous, chunky heeled, plimsoll boot.

alt="OOTD - You can't go wrong with a statement piece in your wardrobe."

OOTD – You can’t go wrong with a statement piece in your wardrobe.

My trusty faux leather jacket has made another appearance this week – I can’t help it! It’s so easy and warm and at £35 it’s the most expensive item I’m wearing.

Who said style had to be expensive?

BUT the bargain of the day has to be my New Look black skinny jeans. Guess how much.

£15? No. £10? Warmer. Surely not £5?

£3!! Three English pounds. Can you believe it?!?!? – Granted – they were in the sale but even still. That has to be the best bargain I’ve ever found.

But back to my statement pieces. My lime green cropped knit is teamed with a small black cami top that isn’t very obvious in my above snap. Just keeps the outfit flowing I think.

I contrasted the flourescent with my gorgeous blue, bejewelled necklace I bought from a market in the Canaries. Gorgeous isn’t it? And it works perfectly on top of the lime aside a bright pink lip.


What are your favourite statement pieces?

Love, Tasha.


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