Leo’s Big Win!

I’m assuming you’ve all heard the big news?! My boy Leo finally won an Oscar for Best Actor in The Revenant!

GO LEO!!!!

After what feels like a zillion years and a zillion undeserved wins (okay, maybe not undeserved but definite let downs) Leonardo DiCaprio finally walked away with a golden statue.

From his heartfelt dedication to the dishy Tom Hardy to his shameless climate change plug – Leo had obviously prepared his speech…just in case!

So, in the spirit of one of my favourite actors – can we please remember and appreciate some of Mr. Dicaprio’s finest moments?

Inception, Shutter Island, Wolf of Wall Street, The Beach and of course, the legendary Titanic, these are my 6 all time favourite Leo movies.


The best Leo films of all time!

Ugh don’t you just want to run your fingers through Leo’s lovely locks? OMG.

What makes me even happier though, is seeing how Kate Winslet and Leo react when they see each other. The pride in their faces and the genuine friendship since Titanic that makes you wish Jack hopped on that boat door and clung on until the rescue boat came along.


Kate Winslet's tribute to Leo

It makes my heart MELT.

Hope you all appreciate this win just as much as I do! What we’re your favourite bits of the Oscars? 

Oh, before you tell me … Let’s all appreciate how much Leo suits his new accessory!


Leo and his Oscar

Love, Tasha x


Country Cottage

I’ve just had the BEST 4 days away in a lovely little cottage in the countryside with five amazing girls.

I don’t get to see my friends in a group much as we all have separate stuff going on in our lives and different priorities. It’s a little sad really if I think about it too much, ‘cos we always used to do things together growing up, but life happens I guess!

So, because of that, we all decided to book a long weekend and drive a couple of hours into the countryside and headed to ‘The Old Barn’ in North Yorkshire.


The Old Barn in Ripon

We got to the barn on Friday afternoon. After a giddy group cuddle and after jumping around the living room in excitement, we picked our rooms, unpacked our food and cracked open the prosecco. 

It was a lovely first evening and we had a scrummy curry to eat with naan, poppadoms – the works!


Chicken balti with all the trimmings!

Saturday morning, we rose out of bed a little groggy after an excitable first evening with red wine and gin being invited to crank up the party.

After inhaling our bacon and eggs, we hit the road and headed to Harrogate for one of Betty’s famous scones! They did not disappoint! Clotted cream…jam…tea….ahhhh *wipes drool from mouth* Absolutely phenomenal!


The girls and I before we created a cake shaped baby in our tummies

After mooching around Harrogate and indulging in some retail therapy, we drove back to Ripon and explored the village where our cottage sat.

Aside from being bullied by a small house cat that jumped on my car and pooed on my roof (long…yet hilarious story) we ventured into St. Peter and St. Wilfred’s Cathedral.





Gorgeous, right? 

We were worn out by this time and so we decided it was time to open more gin (of course) and give the hot tub a tester.



Sitting in the hot tub with my three besties - Liz, Mary-Kate and gin.


Sunday soon rolled around and after another batch of bacon and eggs, we decided to go for another wander and headed towards Pateley Bridge (in the rain) for a little country walk…that ended up not being so little.

I didn’t have my walking boots (rookie mistake) and didn’t anticipate the muddy-ness, so I had to improvise….


ASDA's make-shift shoe protectors weren't very good...

We walked and walked and walked, climbed over fallen trees and across wire fences to get back to civilisation and then, before we knew it, we were back at the cottage with none other than….a gin. You guessed it.

Usual Sunday traditions didn’t go amiss though and we basted a chicken, chopped some veggies and had ourselves the tastiest roast dinner ever before having another (final) dip in the hot tub!


Roast dinner fit for Royalty!

So, the final night soon passed and it was time for us to get up, pack up and leave. We weren’t ready for our girly trip to be over though, so we decided to nip to York, 45 minutes away, for a mooch around before heading home.

York is gorgeous – if you’ve never been, make sure it’s on your list of ‘go to’ places. So much character and lots of things to do.

We went to York Minster, ate egg butties by the river and spent time in the oldest street in York…while buying more treats for ourselves in between.


York Minster



'Shambles', the oldest street in York

Well, there you have it. My lovely little trip with my lovely little friends.

Let me know where you’ve been recently!

Love, Tasha x

Eight Month Round-Up

As I mentioned in my last post – I’ve been pretty inactive on my blog for about 8 months now and its only because of a friend of mine that I was inspired to continue writing. It’s hard to say why it fizzled out to be honest, I think stresses at my old job and other boring excuses got the better of me and I didn’t make the time to write anymore.

You know how it is, life gets in the way sometimes and before you know it…almost a year has gone by but I’m here now with a caramel coffee in hand and my fingertips chomping at the bit.

So, what would be more fitting than my first real entry back in the blogosphere being about things I’ve learned over the past 8 months?

Unashamedly, I’ve taken the idea for this post from my friend I told you about – her first post on her new Tumblr blog had this theme and I thought it was fab.

Copycat you say? Guilty as charged – but I hope if she ever reads this she’s flattered that she inspired me to reflect on my own experiences.

1. You work to live – not the other way around.
It took me a little while to figure this one out. Moving on from my previous job was one of the healthiest decisions I’ve made. Don’t get me wrong – I enjoyed it but working for a small company in the events industry can get extremely tedious after a little while. I’m no stranger to hard graft or a fast paced atmosphere but being on call 24/7 (literally) for no extra pay and the amount of stress I was under just wasn’t worth it anymore. I was glued to my work phone. It wasn’t even about the money – I just felt exhausted 80% of the time and since working in the PR field with a different employer – I’ve completely changed and understand what being valued and supported genuinely means. So, if you’re working your ass off but keep feeling like you’re taking 5 steps back, get back on the job hunt ‘cos it really isn’t worth it.

2. It’s OK to feel in limbo
I hate it when you see people all over your social media who pretend to have their shit together. They don’t. It’s not real. Nobody can ever completely have their shit together. From those couples who seem ‘perfect’ to the wanderlust friends who travel the world – I’m not buying it. It was only when so many people I knew were getting engaged, buying houses, getting pregnant or even just going after something they really wanted that I realised its OK to go at my own pace and just enjoy my youth. I have a great job, amazing boyfriend, friends and family – why do I NEED to have my life planned out at 23? I love that I have such strong minded people in my life who know where they’re going but for now – I’m happy expecting the unexpected.

3. You need something to look forward to to keep on going
Ever noticed that when you’ve nothing coming up in your calendar, you feel much more lazy and bored with life and your routine? OMG…me too! That’s why I literally need stuff to look forward to each month if I can. As soon as I came back from my once in a lifetime trip to Las Vegas (aka Sin City) last August, I promised myself I’d make the best memories EVER. Now, 2016 promises to be a fun filled and action packed year so I stay super rejuvenated and happy! You’ll need to stay tuned though to find out what they are…*wink wink*

4. Your friends are so much more important than you think
Ugh I probably had the biggest rollercoaster of years’ in 2015. It was possibly the best year of my life yet the absolute worst….but that’s the sob story over. What I’m trying to say is that I couldn’t of gotten through it without my amazing two group of friends. Although my bestie has been my rock throughout it all…I couldn’t of done half of it without my Clique. Yes that’s right – we call ourselves that…and what?! We had the best of friendships back in uni and almost 2 years after graduating and a handful of different postcodes between us – that group of 8 girls are still really fabulous. Yours will be too (probs not as much as mine ‘cos that’s impossible) so make sure you make time for ’em!

5. Having something just for yourself is a must
I recently started hot yoga to break up my routine and also get fit and supple and boy am I glad I did! I do the odd class with my friends but mainly I go alone. The calmness and peacefulness is great for a stresspot like me. I try to go twice a week and it’s really made a difference to my attitude -whilst also making me a little more flexible! …Always a perk! Find some ‘you’ time, whether it be reading a book, joining a club or listening to a podcast. It’ll make you feel so chilled and positive. I promise.

So, there you go. My 5 lessons from the past 8 months. What are yours?

Love, Tasha x



I can’t believe it’s been 8 months since I last posted. WHAT?!

I can’t believe I stopped making this blog a priority – I loved writing it…I love writing. I do it for a living for Pete’s sake!

Admittedly, it’s only because a super sassy and talented friend of mine asked the girls and I to read her first post on her new blog that I became inspired to start again.

So, here I am.

I’ve got so much to update you on – new TV crazes I fell for, amazing things I’ve been up to, new job news and future fabulous plans for 2016. It’s enough to keep us going for the long haul.

Before all that though, I had to write this little entry and re-introduce myself because you’ll all just be like …. ‘uh, onlythebestthings WHO?!’

Who am I kidding? …It’s not like I was known before!

That’s all about to change though. My new post will be tonight.

Speak soon!

Love, Tasha x

The Edinburgh Experience

Some of you may remember my previous post ‘7 Edinburgh Must Do’s‘ I wrote before my short trip in Scotland.

Well, now I’m back, I thought I’d give you a little update as to how many ‘must do’s’ I managed to cross off my list.

In a nutshell, I can safely say I did 3 out of 7. Not the best, admittedly, but we found much nicer and better things to do. The best times are the unplanned ones after all, right?

So the first day, we arrived at 12.15pm and after unpacking in our hotel, we decided to go for a wander. We walked all the way through the city centre to explore our new surroundings and our first spot? The castle! Right on the peak of a huge hill, overlooking the whole of Edinburgh, it was a gallant piece of history in an otherwise contemporary city.


Edinburgh Castle

We decided not to go up that day though, we were keen to carry on exploring.

Our next stop was Grassmarket. I have absolutely no idea why or how this didn’t make the cut in my 7 Must Do’s but it was fantastic! Slap bang in front of the castle, Grassmarket (adjacent to Victoria St, which was on my list!) boasts tonnes of classic and cosy British pubs. From markets in the square to tourists wandering through, this area had an amazing atmosphere.

That evening we headed over to Princes St / George St way, where there are a handful of cocktail bars and lovely restaurants to complete a beautiful first day.

I found Panda & Sons, the speakeasy on my list. There was no obvious sign, just a small panda sticking out the side of the wall. We walked down the stairs and were faced with a bookshelf…


We had to use a book to enter our cocktail filled Narnia. Pretty cool eh?!

To our surprise, it was pretty booming inside. A lot of people and a lot of alcohol! It was nice in there though and they had an array of cocktails whereby I knew none of the ingredients bar gin / vodka / whisky. They were gorgeous! I had no idea what to order though, so I asked for recommendations.

At approx £7 / £8 per cocktail, the prices were fair as I was happy to pay for the experience.

A couple of photos of our drinks & how they were made.



After our secret speakeasy spell, we trundled away to another cocktail bar. I was feeling pretty drunk at this point though, so for the life of me I can’t remember what it was called. But here’s some pretty pictures of what it looked like inside…



The 2nd day was our only full day / night.

We headed back over to Grassmarket but we stopped at the Jolly Botanist on the way. A Gin Bar. Enough said!!

It was alternative inside but super appealling. If I owned a bar – it would look like this!




With a bulging menu with tens and tens of different gins to choose from, with different mixers and garnishes for a variety of pallets. The Jolly Botanist was definitely a lovely experience and we ended up going there a few more times before the end of our trip as we enjoyed it so much! Definitely a recommendation.



After playing pool and going to see Murrayfields stadium (the boyfriend’s choice, of course) we had another wander to end our afternoon. We stumbled across this statue of a dog and legend has it, he continued to visit his owners grave for years after he passed. If you rub his little gold nose, it’ll bring you good luck!


That evening, we had a scrummy Indian at Mumbai Mansion and headed next door for more gin and cocktails at the Jolly Botanist – our new favourite place.
After a relatively early night, our final morning had us up early for check out. We were super hungry so headed to none other than….the Jolly Botanist for breakfast. Where else?! I had a gorgeous Eggs Benedict and a proper mug of tea. I hate those wide mugs other places give you – this was right up my street!!



Anyway, we didn’t have much time left, so we walked up to the castle to see the view and have a standard touristy photo to celebrate the amazing trip we’d just had together.



We walked the long way back to the station, stopping at Oink – which I raved about on my list – for a traditional hog roast, with stuffing and apple sauce. AMAZING.

Here’s the beautiful Victoria St in all it’s glory, where Oink sits and awaits the hungry! 


I had the best time! I can’t recommend Edinburgh enough.

Just ‘Rome’ing Part 2

Yep…you guessed it! It’s time for another little dose of Europe!

I’ve already told you about the gorgeous Rome views and the crunk fun we had in my last post, so as you can imagine, the next day we were pretty tender and didnt get up until late the next morning.

The weather was also less than desireable …but do you really think we would let that stop us?

In defiance of the rain and clouds, we stormed over to an information shop, boughy a snazzy (and ever so touristy) plastic poncho and defied the odds by hopping onto an open top bus tour. Yes…Open. Top. Bus. Tour.

People thought we were mad as we were the only people on the top deck – eugh Brits, eh?


No...I am not joking!

Don’t you just LOVE how St. Peter’s Cathedral is casually photobombing us here? Perfect.

We saw a load of great stuff on the bus…not that I remember it all as I was too busy laughing at one of my friends who was still vomming up the night before into a bucket we found rolling about. Classy aren’t we? Somehow, I don’t think she’d appreciate me posting a photo…

So, after belly laughing at our situation, crying in fear about how LOONY the Italian drive (they’re literally crazy on the road) and realising that our plastic ponchos weren’t exactly waterproof – we hopped off and strolled over to our first well known landmark. The Collesseum.

It’s so pretty yet so intriguing because I’ve never seen anything like it. Inside, there’s lots of information posters telling you what happened all that time ago. As I’m no historian, I didn’t know much before I visited Rome, but after reading up on the Collesseum, I’m so proud to say I’ve been there.

The amount of people and animals that died there, who were forced to fight for fun and entertainment – it’s overwhelming and really quite disturbing.



Guess we shouldn't be smiling...

After our visit, we had a scrummy liquer coffee to warm up our insides before building up the courage to wander home …in the rain of course. We had a beautiful view of the Collesseum through the window and was a perfect way to end our second day.

No crazy stories from this night I’m afraid – we were all a bit too hungover to party ’till the early hours!

Stay tuned for Part 3…the third day was my FAVOURITE!

Love, Tasha x

Just ‘Rome’ing Part 1

Last week saw the end of my Italian adventure with the girls and after 4 days in the gorgeous city of Rome (eating tonnes of carbs and gelato and supping copious amounts of wine) it’s safe to say I have the holiday blues.

I can’t not share my amazing time with you all but there’s LOTS to say, so I’ve decided to write about my experience in a handful posts for ease…and to keep y’all interested. Watch this space!

But for now, back to the trip…

We jam packed as much as we possibly could and saw beautiful landmarks including the Collesseum, Spanish Steps, Trevi Fountain and obviously – The Vatican.

On the first day, we arrived at about midday and immediately went exploring our surroundings, sussing out our new home for the next few days.

Straight away, we spotted a huge flight of stone steps and at the top, we had our first birds eye view of Rome.


Still in awe of the view, we stumbled upon a little old lady on the side of the road who made jewellery from nothing than a piece of wire and set of pliers – so all 6 of us had our names carefully moulded into delicate friendship necklaces. Cute, right?

Later, after having our first real, Italian meal (pizza, of course) we headed out and honestly, I’ve never experienced a night quite like it.

From playing beer pong (with shots) in the restaurant, to dancing on the bar…the first night definitely got a little crazy. That’s all I can divulge for now though…what happens in Rome, stays in Rome! I’ll be back with another post later today, but in the meantime,here’s some fun snaps to aid your imagination…